Doug Wright, president of Wright Health Insurance Agency, is one of the most personable people you will EVER meet! He is committed to the people and interests in his life, including his company, which was born from his philosophy of making a difference in individual lives and ultimately the community. Doug’s lifetime of personal achievements, community involvement and business successes brought him to a natural plateau in establishing this company with his wife, Linda.

Reading through Doug’s extensive list of credentials, interests and achievements, one easily might surmise that this is a compilation from several people. No … Doug did it all! Here is but a sampling.

Doug Wright started in the financial industry in 1983 and in 1985 was offered a scholarship through Merrill Lynch to Princeton University to obtain his master’s degree in business. This opportunity led to some of the best training and education in the financial industry.

A lifelong sports enthusiast, Doug has participated in several sports, including soccer, where he tried out for the 1972 Olympic team; golf; tennis, where he won the Lipton Iced Tea Northern California Sectional; and scuba diving — 

Doug founded the Humboldt Youth Soccer Association, was on the board of directors for the North Coast Special Olympics and the United Way, and was the director of entertainment for the San Francisco 49ers for three years.

Doug’s philanthropic interests include being a Kiwanis past president and Kiwanian of the Year. He holds the commission of Honorary Kentucky Colonel presented to him for his community service by the governor of Kentucky.

Doug and Linda live at Shadow Hills Country Club in Indio, California. They have five grown children and seven grandchildren. Their interests include traveling, golfing, participating in charity events, going to movies and spending a lot of time with their new Golden Retriever, Chelsea. 

It is always great to have a trustworthy and qualified professional for all of your Medicare/health insurance needs. Doug is ready and eager to go to bat for you!

To schedule an in-person or ZOOM meeting to discuss your Medicare and/or health insurance needs, please call Doug @ 760-264-4600 or email: [email protected]


Wright Health Insurance Agency is happy to welcome Geoff Wright as their new president and co-owner, expanding the company to Litchfield Park, AZ!

Geoff’s professional experience with both large and small companies is indispensable and key to the continued success of Wright Health Insurance Agency.

Geoff has held the top sales and integral positions in various industries which has proved him to be extremely organized and detail oriented every step of the way. He is recognized as a trusted advisor for many key accounts and clients.

As an extraordinary communicator and listener, Geoff has been able to cultivate and establish new relationships in this healthcare industry and beyond.

Geoff, his wife, Lorena and their 7-year old daughter, Juliana enjoy all outdoor activities together. The weekends usually find Geoff and his family (& their 2 dogs) camping or on their boat at a nearby lake, fishing until the sun goes down!

To schedule an in-person or ZOOM meeting to discuss your healthcare or Medicare needs, give Geoff a call at 602-962-5515 or email: [email protected]


Not that many years ago, Jonathan Smith was called Pastor Smith — known for his care and commitment to others. As a minister in Southern California and a missionary in the Spanish-speaking world, he has served the spiritual needs of others for almost 25 years. During his time as a pastor, Jonathan observed a direct link between health care and financial management to physical and spiritual wellness. This observation caused Jonathan to make a career change. Helping people with their financial and Medicare solutions was the piece needed by Jonathan to continue his commitment toward helping individuals attain their best life. 

Born and raised in Venice Beach, California, Jonathan benefited from a college education through the Cal State system before transferring to L.I.F.E. Bible College, followed by Fuller Seminary. He has also made his home in Costa Rica, the Southern Coast of Spain, and on Long Island Sound in Connecticut. A full-time resident in the Coachella Valley for the past nine years, Jonathan enjoys tennis, hiking, playing guitar and gardening with Diane, his wife of 40 years. His passion, however, is fishing. This is what you will find him doing on all his free time — fly ­fishing the streams of the Sierras, in Washington State with Diane and surf fishing at their new part-time home in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.


Gabriel Smith was a first responder for an ambulance company in Inglewood, CA before making a transition into the insurance side of health care. His educational background at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, SDSU, and Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, accompanied by a diverse work history in several industries has given Gabriel a unique and valuable skillset. Gabriel became bilingual (English and Spanish) through a life of travel. By the time he reached 30, Gabriel had already resided in several foreign countries including Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil, and now part-time in Mexico.

Gabriel and his father Jonathan Smith enjoy a close relationship working together as a father and son Licensed Insurance team. When he isn’t working with Medicare clients, Gabriel spends his free time screenwriting, creating comic books, playing soccer, attending sporting events, and playing his guitar.

If you see Gabriel outside of work, one would likely find him accompanied by his best friend, Shadow, his giant Dane-Labrador.


You’ll never meet a more chipper person than Linda Wright — and she is the real deal! As co-owner of Wright Health Insurance Agency, she and her husband, Doug Wright, are partners in every sense of the word, bringing their commitment to each other, family and friends into their company. 

Linda studied business management and graduated with honors from the University of Phoenix. She spent 15 years as senior clinical project manager for two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, giving her a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience that enhances her understanding of health care issues — a fortunate benefit to our clients. Linda’s creative spirit blossomed as a professional event planner — a talent she gladly shares with friends, family and her charitable projects.

Doug and Linda are thankful for each other, their blended family of five grown children, their parents, and Chelsea, their new Golden Retriever puppy, greeting every client with equal enthusiasm.

Because of Buddy, Doug and Linda have become skilled dog-handlers, putting their handsome, athletic Vizsla/Lab mix through his paces on a dog agility course. Being outdoorsy by nature — third-generation Californian — Linda and Doug enjoy golf, traveling and various charity projects such as “Run for the Cure” and “Autism Speaks.” If you don’t see Linda in the office, check the kitchen — she has a passion for cooking!

the same dedication to his clients that he does to family and friends. His peers would tell you he’s always in the car, always up for a visit and always ready with a solution for broken sprinklers or stringing up backyard lights. Burt lives in La Quinta with his beautiful wife, Carol, of 43 years. They enjoy golfing with their son in Arizona and visiting their daughter in New York (where Burt will most likely make at least one trip to Home Depot to help her repaint a wall or two).