Do You Know All Your Medicare Options? Enrollment Dates?

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Transitioning to Medicare is a huge step and very confusing. There are a lot of life-time penalties if it is not done correctly or on time. THIS IS WHERE WRIGHT HEALTH INSURANCE AGENCY COMES IN. We are appointed with most major insurance companies.

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Wright Advice Medicare Newspaper Column

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Medicare Enrollment Periods That Happen Each Year

Each year, during October 15th – December 7th you can make changes to your Medicare Advantage or Medicare prescription drug plan coverage for the following year (Changes will take effect on January 1st). There are 2 separate enrollment periods each year…

Turning 65? – What You Need to Know about Signing up for Medicare

If you’re about to turn age 65, congratulations! It’s important to sign up for your Medicare benefits right away as delaying your enrollment can result in penalties. It’s also important to have an independent agent (AHIP certified) advocate which costs you nothing) as a personal resource and to help you determine the most suitable…

Medicare Confusion?

Choosing YOUR Medicare program that fits your situation is too important to interact with a TV ad. You need to know details that are not on that 60 second commercial. Is my doctor going to accept this plan next year? If you have issues that need several specialists are they accepting the plan? Will the medications you take be covered in the plan’s formulary and how much will they cost ($$$)? What hospital would you be taken to if you had to go?

Final Expense Life Insurance Covers More than Just Funeral Costs.

Losing a loved one is an extremely difficult experience as I know personally. My sister and I just lost our mother last year. Dealing with the funeral and all of the other decisions that must be made immediately was very emotional and stressful.

Financial Benefits from the Veterans Administration

Wright Capital Group, Inc. wants to thank all of our veterans with some valuable information that has been provided to us from Errol Sayin, an agent with the Veterans Administration.

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